Back when we first started Writer's Side, I never imagined the flood of submissions that would hit our inbox. It's quite a task mining for diamonds; it's even more difficult when you come across a manuscript that's almost there but not quite, and you have to make a tough call. As an agent, I've felt the pain of rejection and the joy of acceptance as much as the author I've represented.

This blog - a weekly indulgence for now - is perhaps a reflection of the fact that the writing scene in India is getting even hotter. There are twice as many books coming out in a fortnight as used to be released in a month, and this is excluding the foreign authors who've always found a ready-to-read market in India. Indian writing is no longer a copy of the West, and the range of topics that you now see on the shelves (or getting ready to go on them) is unbelievable.

This blog will be an attempt to make sense out of these 'chaos'. News, rumours, updates... deals and trends... tips on presenting your manuscript the right way... questions, and maybe a few answers from some of the emerging authors of the day... If it's got something to do with publishing, we will probably share our $0.02 on it - and feel free to add your two to the mix too!

So once again, welcome to the Writer's Side website's newest feature, this blog, and happy reading!