It’s been a good year for Writer’s Side so far. We’ve placed 100+ books with various publishers, with a few more in the works, and that means that WS retains its position as the top literary agency in India and by far the best performing one in South Asia. What makes this achievement sweeter is the fact that we managed to land quite a few multi-book deals. Now as anyone who’s ever written a book will tell you, the first one’s easy – it’s always the second one that needs selling!

Our deals so far this year:

1.             Ajit Harisinghani's One Life to Ride (Non-Fiction) rights with Fingerprint Press

2.             Amandeep Sandhu's Deciphering Punjab's Disquiet (Non-Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

3.             Anees Salim's New Untitled Novel (Fiction) rights with Penguin Random House

4.             Anees Salim's The Blind Lady's Descendants (Fiction) rights with Penguin Random House

5.             Aneesh Pradhan's Untitled non-fiction project (Non-Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

6.             Antonio Gomes's The Sting Of Peppercorns (Fiction) rights with Amazing Reads

7.             Antonio Gomes's Broken Heart (Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

8.             Anuja Chandramouli's Yama's Lieutanant (Fiction) rights with Penguin Random House

9.             Arjun Raj Gaind's Pucca Murder Mystery Book 1 (Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

10.          Arjun Raj Gaind's Pucca Murder Mystery Book 2 (Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

11.          Arjun Raj Gaind's Pucca Murder Mystery Book 3 (Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

12.          Ayesha Tariq Bhatti's The Suppressed Anger of the Pakistani Obedient Daughter (Graphic Novel) rights with Penguin Random House

13.          Bhaskar Chattopadhyay's Nayak (Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

14.          Bhaskar Chattopadhyay's Patang (Fiction) rights with Hachette India

15.          Bhaskar Chattopadhyay's Penumbra (Fiction) rights with Fingerprint Press

16.          Bhaskar Chattopadyay's Translation of Moti Nandy's Shiva and The Return of Shiva (Translated Fiction) rights with Penguin Random

17.          Debashish Irengbam's Charlie Next Door (Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

18.          Deepta Roy Chakraverti's Bhangarh to Bedlam (Non-Fiction) rights with Life Positive Books

19.          Dominic Franks' Nautanki Diaries (Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

20.          Gouri Dange's Always a Parent (Non-Fiction) rights with Fingerprint Press

21.          Hindi Rights to Gouri Dange's Always a Parent (Translated Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

22.          Hussain Zaidi's Absolute Power (Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

23.          Hussain Zaidi's Untitled Fiction (Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

24.          Ipsita Roy Chakraverti's Beloved Witch Returns (Non-Fiction) rights with Life Positive Books

25.          Jaideep Varma's 100 Hidden Facts (Non-Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

26.          Jyotin Goel's Bheem (Fiction) rights with Penguin Random House

27.          Madhu Tandan's Hemis (Fiction) rights with TBA*

28.          Malayalam Rights to Anees Salim's Tales From A Vending Machine (Translated Fiction) rights with Poorna

29.          Malayalam rights to Anees Salim's The Blind Lady's Descendants (Translated Fiction) rights with Poorna

30.          Malayalam Rights to Anees Salim's Vicks Mago Tree (Translated Fiction) rights with Poorna

31.          Manish Gupta's More English Bytes (Non-Fiction) rights with Penguin Random House

32.          Marathi Rights to Anees Salim's Vanity Bagh (Translated Fiction) rights with Vishwakarma Books

33.          Marathi Rights to Sumedha Mahajan's Miles to Run Before I Sleep (Translated Fiction) rights with Vishwakarma Books

34.          Mushtaq Bilal's Politics of Pakistani English Fiction- Interviews with Pakistani Writers (Non-Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

35.          Nasif Ahmed's Biography of Jadav Payeng (Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

36.          Pradeep Damodaran's Borderlands (Non-Fiction) rights with Hachette India

37.          Prasenjit Gupta's Goddess (Translated Fiction) rights with Hachette India

38.          Priyanka Nandy's Devotion of Ghosts (Translated Fiction) rights with Rupa and Co.

39.          Puja Changoiwala's Front Page Murders (Non-Fiction) rights with Hachette India

40.          Rahul Mitra's Boy From Patliputra Book 1 (Fiction) rights with Fingeprint Press

41.          Rahul Mitra's Boy From Patliputra Book 2 (Fiction) rights with Fingerprint Press

42.          Rahul Mitra's Boy From Patliputra Book 3 (Fiction) rights with Fingerprint Press

43.          Ranendra's Global Gaon Ka Devta (Translated Fiction) rights with Speaking Tiger

44.          Ranveer Brar's Come into My Kitchen (Non-Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

45.          Raza Rumi's Pakistan After Osama (Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

46.          Raza Rumi's Shifting the Boundaries - Essays on Identity and Culture in Pakistan (Non-Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

47.          Raza Rumi's The Fractious Path of Pakistan's Democratic Transition (Non-Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

48.          Reeja Radhakrishnan's World Mythology book (Children's Non-Fiction) rights with Penguin Random House

49.          Rinku Paul and Puja Singhal's Dare to Be (Non-Fiction) rights with Penguin Random House

50.          Rwitwika Bhattacharya Agarwal's Untitled guidebook for aspiring politicians (Non-Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

51.          Saqib Mausoof's The Warehouse (Fiction) rights with Hachette India

52.          Shahnaz Bashir's Scattered Souls (Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India ( Fourth Estate)

53.          Shashi Warrier's Swami (Fiction) rights with Speaking Tiger

54.          Shobha Bondre's Sixth Element and Me (Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

55.          Shubha Mudgal's Untitled Short Stories Collection (Fiction) rights with Speaking Tiger

56.          Shubha Mudgal's Untitled non-fiction project (Non-Fiction) rights with Roli Books

57.          Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan's Baaja Gaaja Book 1 (Children's Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

58.          Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan's Baaja Gaaja Book 2 (Children's Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

59.          Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan's Baaja Gaaja Book 3 (Children's Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

60.          Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan's Baaja Gaaja Book 4 (Children's Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

61.          Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan's Baaja Gaaja Book 5 (Children's Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

62.          Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan's Baaja Gaaja Book 6 (Children's Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

63.          Shubha Vilas's Leadership Lessons from the Ramayana (Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

64.          Shuchi Singh Kalra's I am Big So What (Fiction) rights with Fingerprint Press

65.          Simran Chawla's NRI Planet (Non-Fiction) rights with Hachette India

66.          Sreemoyee Piu Kundu's Status Single (Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

67.          Sreemoyee Piu Kundu's Untitled Anthology (Non-Fiction) rights with TBA*

68.          Srinivas Vijayraghav's The Filmy Manager (Non-Fiction) rights with Hachette India

69.          T.D. Ramakrishnan's Sugandhi alias Andal Devanayaki (Translated Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

70.          Hindi rights to untitled non-fiction book (Non-Fiction) rights with Penguin Random House

71.          Untitled non-fiction project (Non-Fiction) rights with Penguin Random House

72.          Vandana Kohli's Untitled book on mental illness (Non-Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

73.          Vinod Bhardwaj's Saccha Jhoot (Translated Fiction) rights with HarperCollins India

74.          Nandini Sengupta's The King Within rights TBA*

75.          Priyanka Nandi's translation of Pather Panchali rights with Penguin Random House

76.          Ivan Arthur's Village Dies rights with Speaking Tiger

77.          Shakti Maira's Beauty Dialogues rights with HarperCollins India

78.          Abhijit Majumdar's Fields of Saffron rights TBA*

79.          Mohona Kanjilal's Calcutta Food History book rights with Speaking Tiger

80.          Ali Akbar Natiq's Short stories collection rights with HarperCollins India

81.          Nathan Rabe's book on the Pakistani film industry rights with Speaking Tiger

82.          Nathan Rabe's Shah of Chicago rights with Speaking Tiger

83.          Untitled novel rights TBA*

84.          Untitled short stories collection rights TBA* 

85.          Arnab Ray's Sultan of Delhi rights TBA*

86.          Patrick Roger's travel book rights TBA*

87.          Sanghita Singh and Purabi Sridhar's The Kitchens of the PMs of India rights TBA*

88.          Marathi Rights to Anees Salim's Blind Lady's Descendants rights with Mehta

89.          Anam Zakaria's untitled non-fiction book rights TBA

90.          US rights to Arjum Raj Gaind's Pucca Murder book 1 rights with Poisoned Pen Press

91.          Hindi rights to Ali Akbar Natiq's What Will You Give for this Beauty rights with HarperCollins India

92.          Hindi rights to Ali Akbar Natiq's second short stories collection rights with HarperCollins India

93.          Aditi Mittal's non fiction book rights TBA

94.          Sabir Hussain's Battlefields and Paradise rights with Westland

95.          Madhav Mathur's Dwarka TBA

96.          Bhaskar Chattopadhay's Aranayak TBA

97.          Chhimi Tenduf La's untitled novel TBA

98.          Vivek Rao's Shot Down TBA

99.          RN Bhaskar's non-fiction book TBA

100.       KA Abbas' Boy Meets Girl (edited by Suresh Kohli) TBA

101.       Jay Mazoomdar's When Holy Cows Went Dry TBA

102.       Shweta Taneja's How To Steal A Ghost @ ManipalTBA*

103.       Falguni Kothari's Soul Warrior TBA

104.       Rishad Saam Mehta's Munich to MumbaiTBA

* To Be Announced ** List does not include books which have just been acquired for representation