We're delighted to announce the sale of Rinku Paul and Puja Singhal's Dare to Be to Penguin Random House India.

If you have ever toyed with the idea of giving up your high paying corporate job to venture out on your own, only to be told by both your inner voice and a range of well meaning naysayers that it’s a silly pipe dream, this book is for you. It chronicles the stories of 11 women who have dared to turn these pipe dreams into successful ventures. Some have done it by setting up multi-million dollar businesses, others by using their natural talents for singing, writing and motivating others to achieve commercial success and inner satisfaction.

None of them knew right at the start that they would be setting out on their own. All of them had to give up a corporate job and most were part of the EMI economy. These are ordinary women made extraordinary by the single-minded focus with which they followed their passion and the courage they have shown in not giving up even in the face of adversity. Each one of these success stories is a tale of grit and determination, showcasing the courage to overcome the intimidation that stems from one’s own fears and insecurities and determination to take the road less traveled.

As Creative Director of JWT, Neeti Palta had everything going for her till she gave it all up and became, to her family’s consternation, a standup comedian. Today she counts her Dad as one of her biggest fans. By her own admission, it took Sonam Kalra immense courage to finally proclaim herself a musician after doing stints in advertising, theatre and television anchoring. Today her concerts are pre-sold and her Sufi Gospel project has gained worldwide recognition. Sairee Chahal charted out a whole new business model by launching Fleximoms, one that has paved the way for thousands of women to return to gainful employment without sacrificing family life. Having sold health beverages and mobile phones in her corporate avatar, Swati Kaushal woke to the realization that life is too short to have regrets. Today, she is a successful author with several bestsellers to her credit. From being a corporate executive, Anisha Singh turned co-founder of MyDala, the largest coupon website. These are their stories. They could be yours.