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Writer’s Side is renowned for its editing/assessment services. Bestselling author Ravinder Pal Singh was one of our first clients and I Too Had a Love Story was edited by us. Over the last five years, 400-plus authors have benefited from our honest, incisive and thorough reports and edits. Many of them are well-known and bestselling authors now. Those who couldn’t get their works published have attributed later successes to the initial feedback from Writer’s Side.

Our edits and assessments form a great learning experience for the first-time writer who has perhaps been shielded so far by feedback from kinder relatives and friends. The service is only for authors rejected by the agency and who wish to improve their works before approaching other agents or publishers directly. Others who are explicitly looking for such services can also sign up, but such authors will not be represented by the agency. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DON'T SOLICIT EDITING AND ASSESSMENT WORK!

Our Assessment Module Consists Of Four Aspects

Manuscript Critique: The Manuscript Critiquing service will provide a comprehensive critique of the manuscript. It will give a detailed report on the manuscript in terms of plot, relevance, characterization, narrative technique and marketability.

Manuscript Editing: This is the most comprehensive service provided at Writer’s Side. It includes:

1) Proofreading
2) Line Editing
3) Substantive Editing

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